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According to the Companies Ordinance, a company formed and registered under this Ordinance must appoint a CPA Practice as an auditor of the company to prepare a report for the company’s members on any financial statements prepared by the directors and give opinions on financial statements and director’s report, etc., in each of the company’s financial year.

Windward is a HKICPA Practice and our team members are qualified accountants with experience in auditing companies in different sizes and industries.​



Under the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, every person carrying on a trade, profession or business in Hong Kong is required to keep proper business record for not less than 7 years and prepare the annual financial statements for statutory audit.


We provide the following services to entrepreneur and companies:

  • Book keeping using professional accounting system

  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation

  • Generation of management accounts and account ledgers

  • Preparation of financial statements including balance sheet and income statements



Our professional accountants have in depth knowledges in the taxation system of Hong Kong. We formulate tax plan to assist our clients to minimize their tax obligations.


Our services includes:

  • Tax return preparation and filing

  • Tax liability estimation

  • Tax planning preparation

  • Act as the tax representative of our clients to reply any inquiries from the Inland Revenue Department and object any tax assessments



We are familiar with the Company Ordinance and have experience in acting as the company secretary for many Hong Kong companies.


Our services include:

  • Company Formation

  • Act as company secretary of the company

  • Prepare and submit Annual Return

  • Prepare forms and documents for the following purposes:

    • Appointment, resignation or changes of particulars of directors

    • Change of registered office address

    • Change of company name

    • Assist in trademark registration

  • Prepare Amendment of Memorandum and Article of Association

  • Prepare annual general meeting notice and minutes

  • Prepare special/ ordinance resolution

  • Prepare all necessary documents related to change of authorized share capital and file to the Company Registry

Acct & bkkeep
Com Sec


Our dedicated teams help ease the burden of growing companies to public by devising clear strategic approaches to the challenges involved.

We advise on group restructurings and provide advice to resolve issues raised by regulators. We are also active in providing statutory assurance work to companies listed locally and abroad.



According to fund regulations, beneficiaries of funding are required to submit the project's audited report post-completion of the project, including government funding like the Quality Education Fund ("QEF"); Technology Voucher Programme ("TVP") and Innovation and Technology Fund ("ITF"). 

Windward have a thorough understanding of the fund rules and regulations. Our report will provide assurance over the true and fairness of the financial report, and adhere to the rules and regulations issued by the Grantor.

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We advise on our client’s controls and set up an internal controls system which fits our client’s business model. We also work closely with our clients to ensure the controls in place are properly and effectively implemented. 

Besides, we provide professional and reliable business consultancy services including merger and acquisitions, financial analysis, public financing and human resources management, etc.



We have extensive experience in handling various Immigration matters including work visa applications and permanent residency applications. We have assisted many employers to obtain Employment Visas for their employees in Hong Kong. We prepare the application forms and other necessary supporting documents and submit the application to the Immigration Department on your employee’s behalf. We also liaise with the Immigration Department throughout the application process and answer any requisition from them in respect of your employee’s application.

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